Meditation Sessions

Meditation is an ancient tool that allows the practitioner to find the stillness within. Cultivating inner stillness allows you to become an observer of your life.



I INVITE you to become the observer of who you are. As you observe your life you no longer feel as though you are a victim of the circumstances of your life, of all that is occuring around you. You can view events in your life from a broader perspective, without attachment. This gives you the inner wisdom to make different choices in each moment, and as you make different choices, your whole life shifts.

Awaken your soul

Meditation is truly a journey within. It is a tool, a practice that once cultivated in your daily life, allows you direct access to the voice of your soul. When you quieten your mind and notice the stillness between your thoughts, you open to infinite possiblities. The infinite possibilities come through as clear knowing, as the voice of your soul. When you Awaken your soul your path flows and you are aligned with you.

Monthly Meditation

Virtual Group Meditation

This monthly meditation offers you the opportunity to set aside time to nurture yourself, realign, heal yourself, others and the world.

The intention is HEALING.

Setting aside time for us to individually and collectively heal together amplifies the power of our intent.

They are held online on the first Thursday evening of the month, so that you can join from the comfort of your own home

Next Session: Thursday the 7th of September 2023 at 7:30pm.


Time: 45 mins
By donation

Personalised Meditation


Personalised meditation sessions are designed to tune into and work with your individual needs.

They may be driven by something that you knowingly need to focus on, heal, or may have been raised in a spiritual healing or Reiki session. They may also relate to changes, shifts, creations or manifestations you wish to see in your life.

In the session you will be guided through meditation, which may be recorded for your ongoing use.

Sessions are virtual via ZOOM. If you prefer in-person please use the contact me so we can find an alternative.


Time: 45mins
Investment $90

Meditation Series

Group Sessions

This meditation series is designed to offer an introduction to meditation with a focus on your energy field. Over four weeks you will be connecting with your energy field to expand your awareness of your energetic needs. This includes energy field awareness, protection and grounding, connecting with your soul and the vibration of creation.

At the end of the series, you will be familiar with each meditation and when you may need them to support your energy.

The series may be virtual or in-person.


Time: 75mins x 4weeks
Investment $180

Other Sessions

how to choose the offering you need today

There is no right or wrong way for you to discover what you need. There is only exploration. Exploration of what is available and what you are called to. The calling resides in the heart. Feel into the direction of the sessions on offer. Which one draws you forward? If you feel the call, follow it. The heart leads us to where we feel good, the mind thinks its way there. Feeling is the superpower. Its our path to finding ourselves, and finding happiness.




Time: 45mins
Investment $90

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