Hi, I’m Alana

I AM… an intuitive Spiritual Healer and Reiki Practitioner, with a solid foundation in science.  My career has focused on clinical research and it’s my innate curiosity and analytical mind, combined with my passion for helping people and my desire to make a difference in the world, that has led me along this path of evolution.

After receiving my first spiritual healing in 2014, I grappled with understanding how it was possible. How could someone offer me so much about myself that I could not perceive? Yet I knew, deep down in my being, that all of it was true. Tapping into this part of me was healing, and so my journey of bringing these two powerful aspects of life, SCIENCE and SPIRITUALITY, together began.


I BELIEVE…we all have the innate power and ability to tune into who we are at our fullest potential and create our own path and reality. We have been conditioned to forget our inner essence and knowing, in a society that focuses on all that is external to us as a measure of our worth, be it what we do, what we have, or what roles we play.

It’s time to tune back in and remember who we truly are. To know that there is no measure of our success, other than who we are in the core of our being in each moment of our existence.

I believe reconnecting with ourselves is the foundation to a world that supports each other, is connected, caring, loving and harmonious. As we shift ourselves, and remember who we are, we impact the whole. That is my mission.


Awaken to who you are

I OFFER…. you the chance to tap into the truth of who you are. To remember the divine being that you are and always have been, but that you may feel disconnected from.

I am here to offer you new experiences that enrich your life and reconnect you to who you are. I am here to create a safe space for you to be you, in your own unique way, so that you can feel connected with yourself and connect with others as your authentic self. This is Chrysalis Awakenings and this is awakening to you who are.

Working with me


Group session are a powerful way to connect, share and explore.  They are primarily aligned with and focus on current energy cycles, such as equinox, solstice, and eclipses, or new and full moons. Group sessions have an individual and collective focus. As we explore aspects of ourselves and share them in a safe, supporting and non-judgemental environment, we create the  potential to connect in a meaningful, open and trusting way with others, that truly creates community and shifts our reality.

Private one-to-one

These sessions focus on your individual needs and create time and space for you to connect with you. They can be intuitive and guided by me or can be led by something that is coming up for you. The focus is on healing, which is returning to the wholeness of who you are. If you are feeling disconnected, misaligned or stuck, or just need space to tune into creating something new in your life, this is a great place to start.

Alana is the real deal and my healing guide. I will always have her in my heart as she showed me the way. This was my experience that put me on the right path FINALLY!

Peace and Love Alana as you are my connection to the love and light I possess.

— Patrick

Who I Work With

When you are called..

I work with those who are called to find deeper meaning in their lives, deeper meaning in the universe, and a deeper connection with themselves. You will know this is right for you because you will feel the call. Feeling the call is a desire to try, to explore, and to expand beyond where you have been and have known. You will know in your heart if, and when, this feels right for you. Trust YOU to know and guide YOU. If it is meant to be, that is when you find me.

Where to start….

There is no one way or right way to begin your journey of discovery, of healing, of remembering who you are, of becoming the creator of your own reality. Explore what is on offer here, and feel into the experience that sparks interest in you. Reserve judement of yourself and of any expectation and step forth using your feeling as a guide. Newness, change, and exploration creates a feeling of eager anticipation, nervousness and excitement all at the same time. Choose and see what happens, knowing and trusting you to find your way to what you need when you need it.

Your Journey…..

There is no one path for the evolution of all the beings on this planet, but their are pillars of mastery that allow us to form a solid foundation for finding our true alignment and strength to navigate our world. I offer what I have experienced in my own evolution, as a series of pillars called The Journey. Mind, Heart and Intuition are the foundations of mastery that I traversed to find my path and my purpose. These are on offer here, when you feel guided to step into your power.

Online options with me

I offer a range of sessions online for convenience and connection. These include regular meditations, Circles, individual healing sessions and deeper exploratory sessions, that allow a group to regularly connect weekly for four weeks from the comfort of their own home.

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