Gather in the Chrysalis

When we work with our own energy, we see shifts in our lives, as we tune into our desires, take personal responsibility, and make different choices. This power amplifies when we gather and work together as a collective.


Ancient ancestors understood the power of Gathering. They held sacred ceremonies, gathered as a community, and honured many traditions, by aligning with the cycles of nature. This alignment allowed them to tune into their individual wisdom and share it with the group. When we gather together our energy provides the foundation to us to explore our fullest potential.

To truly Gather is to create a safe space for exploration. The space here is known as the Chrysalis. It is an energetic container created by those present to allow space for all to transform. As we Gather we create a safe space for each of us to ‘Just Be’. To be heard, to express our true selves, to be present and connected, without judgment.

Awaken your connection

When we are safe to ‘Just Be’, we allow ourselves to truly explore who we are. This exploration leads us to a deeper connection with ourself, which in turn provides an expanded connection with others. This is the space to Awaken your connection.


Bring in Your New Cycle

These sessions are an opportunity to reset, let go and renew yourself as a celebration of who you are and shift into a new cycle of your life. They are perfect if you are ready to move beyond old habits, patterns, or relationships and create something new in your life.

They are also great sessions to attend around the time of your birthday. Our birthdays provide an opportunity to reflect on the year past and move forward into a new cycle. A rebirth session helps you to move forward with clear enegy and intentions of what you want to create in your life for the year ahead.

These session are delivered online and in person.


Time: 90mins
Investment $44

Monthly Circle

Circle of Exploration

The monthly circle is an opportunity to bring ourselves into alignment each month and connect with others.

Each circle is a sacred space created through the agreement of the group, and it’s a space to delve into ideas, concepts, and experiences that individuals may not have space to explore on their own.

At times a theme will be the focus of the circle and our collective wisdom will be called upon to be shared. Ideas for exploration are welcome from attendees ahead of time.

These sessions are delivered online and in person.


Time: 90mins
Investment $44

Healing Circle

Group Sessions

The healing circle works on shifting the energetic attachment of current and past experiences that are required to heal an aspect of your life. These may be a relationship, a pattern of behavior or thought, your inner child, however the application is limitless.

These are deeply private, focused sessions, where you will gather with a limited number of souls who are also ready to heal a deeper aspect of themselves. With the support of mother earth and a healing midwife, you will be instructed on how to create your own sacred healing space in nature and then guided on how to release the energetic attachment to this aspect of yourself and your life, but keep the wisdom of the experiences.

These are full-day in-person events only. Located on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Next Session is Saturday the 4th of March 2023. $270 per person, limited to 5 people.


1 Day
Investment $270

Sacred Ceremony

Group Sessions

Tapping into the energies and moving with the rhythm of the natural cycles we create opportunities to expand ourselves and move with ease and flow through aspects of our life that may have been challenging or not within in our awareness.

Sacred ceremonies align with Winter & Summer Solstice, Spring and Autumn Equinox, Eclipses, as well as energy portals, such as Lions Gate.

While each ceremony is different and aligns with the current energies, offerings include a selection of the following: holding circle, meditation, cleansing and clearing, activations, drum journeys, visualization, and cacao.

Ceremonies vary in length, location, and exchange. Upcoming sacred ceremonies can be found on the events page by clicking on the link below.


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Other Sessions

how to choose the offering you need today

There is no right or wrong way for you to discover what you need. There is only exploration. Exploration of what is available and what you are called to. The calling resides in the heart. Feel into the direction of the sessions on offer. Which one draws you forward? If you feel the call, follow it. The heart leads us to where we feel good, the mind thinks its way there. Feeling is the superpower. Its our path to finding ourselves, and finding happiness.




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