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Energy Sessions

The Universe is energy. We are all energy, including everything around us that we experience and perceive through our six senses. When you work with your own energy you begin to appreciate the power you have as a human being. Experience this here. You are more than you can imagine.


The intention of energy work is healing. Healing is the returning of wholeness, where aspects of an individual are brought into their awareness, and their energy is brought back into alignment.

Everything in the Universe and in our physical world is energy. We all have an energy field, that includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy bodies. In science, this field is called a Biofield, which is an all encompassing term used to describe the aspects of energy that exist around our body.

Awaken to you

Working with energy expands your awareness. It is returning to the fullness of who you are, and the parts of yourself you may have forgotten about or locked away. It requires a shift in perception, a move towards awareness. This is the space where you Awaken to you.

Whether you are called to Spiritual Healing or Reiki, trust that you know what you are ready to experience. They both connect and align you to aspects of yourself. Spiritual Healing brings you into alignment with your soul and Reiki brings you into energetic alignment. This healing can also be magnified through an combined 1.5 hour session Spiritual Healing and Reiki session called the Awaken session.

Spiritual Healing

1:1 Sessions

In a Spiritual Healing the practitioner uses their own energy field, their higher guidance and spirit guides to connect with your energy field to hear the voice of your soul.

The energy is received in various forms such as visual images, feelings, emotions, knowing, words, and these are communicated to you by the practitioner.

If you are in need of direction, a higher understanding or perspective, or if you have a deep sense of there being more, then this session is for you.


Time: 60mins
Investment $120


1:1 Sessions

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. In this ancient practice Universal (Rei) Energy (Ki) is channeled to the client by the practitioner.

The aim of Reiki is to restore the client’s body to its natural state of being. To bring it into balance and alignment in all states of our energetic bodies, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

If your energy needs realignment, or you simply need to lift your vibration, then this session is a great place to start.


Time: 60mins
Investment $120


1:1 Session

In this 30 minute virtual Spiritual Healing session the practitioner uses their own energy field, their higher guidance and spirit guides to connect with your energy field to hear the voice of your soul.

As we are all energy this field can be read over any distance. 

This session is a great introduction to spiritual healing and provides an opportunity to connect with your soul in a practical and convenient way.


Time: 30mins
Investment $75


1:1 Sessions

This session combines Spiritual Healing and Reiki to provide you with a full energy alignment.

It allows the voice of your soul to flow through to you as well as restores your body to its natural state of being.

If you are feeling ready to reconnect with all parts of yourself and find your highest state of being, this 1.5 hour session is for you.


Time: 90mins
Investment $150

 Other Sessions

how to choose the offering you need today

There is no right or wrong way for you to discover what you need. There is only exploration. Exploration of what is available and what you are called to. The calling resides in the heart. Feel into the direction of the sessions on offer. Which one draws you forward? If you feel the call, follow it. The heart leads us to where we feel good, the mind thinks its way there. Feeling is the superpower. It’s our path to finding ourselves, and finding happiness.




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